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The sound and presence of Kali Seastrand can be described as enchanting. Since 2019, she has been intriguing audiences with her use of the mountain dulcimer and her mesmerizing revitalization of folk music. The healing sound of the droning dulcimer with whistling highs and bellowing lows in the vocals, allow her act to feel vibrant and intimate. This intimate vulnerability is a theme in her songwriting as well, sharing themes of her life with poetic transparency. Molded by the mountains of the Sullivan Catskills, her music represents resilience and resourcefulness.

From The Mountains Cover.JPG

From The Mountains

"From The Mountains" is an album comprised of Traditional Folk music. Unique arrangements made for the mountain dulcimer give a newness to songs that have been collected for decades. A warm, yet haunting quality is captured throughout. This album pays homage to the many Folk musicians who came before. Seastrand's vocal performance encapsulates a myriad of emotions at once, representing her resilience and her fight to be heard. 

Yellow House

"Yellow House" is Seastrand's debut single. She sings about the realities of a changing housing market, watching the area she grew up in become out of reach. Feeling the duality of knowing all the other places there are to go and that possessions from this life can't go to the grave.  


Live At Bethel woods Center For The Arts Horizon Stage


Live at flea valley festival


Live At The Sullivan County Music Festival


Following the release of her EP, From The Mountains, Seastrand is going to be recording her album of original songs. Afterwards, she is hoping to tour as much as possible and engage in press opportunities to promote the albums. Kali Seastrand is a self-represented artist and is currently seeking representation.

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